Cab Air Quality Systems

A Cabin Air Quality System is a system designed to filter dirt and dust particles, toxic gases and vapors from the ambient air, after which the purified air is blown into the cabin via the HVAC system (heating, ventilation, air conditioning).

By providing more air to the cabin than what can leak out, a positive pressure is created. This results in air not being able to enter the closed cabin other than through the RESPA filter system.

With our RESPA® Cabin Air Quality System we offer an affordable, effective solution against harmful, respirable particles and gases.

The system

Has a 360° rotatable air outlet and can be mounted almost everywhere, measuring only 49x26x26 cm.

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The Pressure monitor

Gives you real-time information on cabin pressure, gas concentrations and when to change filters.

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Our filters

Are self-cleaning thanks to the built-in active precleaner which provides constant airflow around the air filter.

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Pressure Monitor System

Pressure Monitor System

A Cabin Air Quality installation consists of a Cabin Air Quality System, filter and a Cabin Pressure Monitoring System.

These must meet certain requirements.

Without a monitor, you are not sure if the system is working properly and when the filters need to be replaced.

Therefore we recommend to combine the system with a monitoring system at all times.

Our easy to install Cabin Pressure Monitoring Systems give you real-time information, can be connected to remote telemetry systems and is approved by most regulatory agencies.