Reversible Cooling Fans for Radiator Cleaning

Many modern industrial and agricultural machines including excavators, wheelloaders, bulldozers and tractors use multiple radiators and have a huge need for cooling air. In dusty working environments, dirt and dust particles are drawn into the radiators and intake screens entrapping dust. This leads to reduced efficiency, overheated fluids in engine, gearbox and hydraulic systems and significantly reduced air-conditioning performance.



With fast pitch reversing, in under one second, the Flexxaire Fan purges debris from the radiator, effectively cleaning the radiator system. This ensures your radiator is kept clean and operational at all times. It can be programmed to purge at automatic intervals or manually with the touch of a button.

The Flexxaire Variable Pitch Engine Cooling Fan System provides total control of airflow, maximizes engine performance, saves fuel, and is robustly built and maintenance free.


Reversing happens at full speed by hydraulic or pneumatic actuation of the internal cylinder, rotating the fan blades instantly from a working position, over the neutral, into reversing and back.


Keeps your radiator free and clear to increase eficiency and minimize operating downtime.

With optimized variable air intake, your engine saves fuel and horsepower each hour of operation.

No shutdown for manual radiator cleaning.

Reduce the likelihood of fire in the engine department.

Cleaning on demand for extra unscheduled purging.